Monday, May 9, 2011

Netflix Movie Monday - 'Gentlemen Broncos'

Hello all!

I took a needed hiatus from blogging last week.  My heart and soul needed a little TLC, so I withdrew from everything for a few days.  But not to worry, I'm back just in time for another installment of:  Netflix Movie Mondays.

This week's movie is not streaming on Netflix, but is available through the mail on DVD:

So, an odd little movie came out a few years ago.  It was just quirky enough to inspire a cult following of fanatical fans.  You might even call them disciples.  Yes, I'm talking about the movie that forever changed our views on tater tots, nunchucks and Tupperware salesmen, 'Napoleon Dynamite'.

'Gentlemen Broncos' is made by the same guy who brought us both 'Napoleon Dynamite' and 'Nacho Libre'.  If you take the fabulous random dorkiness and one-liners from Napoleon, add to them Nacho's underdog triumph and catchy soundtrack, then multiply the result by the nth degree of awesomeness, you get 'Gentlemen Broncos'.

*** Word of Caution:  If you didn't 'get' 'Napoleon Dynamite' or 'Nacho Libre', you're going to HATE this movie.  So you might as well stop reading.  But, if you enjoyed either of the above movies, read on, my nerdy friend.  This one is for you!

'Gentlemen Broncos' is the story of homeschooler Benjamin Purvis, aspiring science fiction author.  He lives at home with his dedicated, yet ditzy mother, who sends him off to a fantasy writer's conference on his fledgling leap from the family nest.  There, Benjamin meets other homeschoolers (not to be mistaken with 'homeschooled' - watch the link here to discover the difference), and gets the chance to meet his favorite author, Dr. Chevalier, who happens to be suffering from a major case of writer's block.

Benjamin enters his story, 'Yeast Lords' into a contest of which Dr. Chevalier is the judge.  The evil 'doctor' steals Benjie's story, and Benjamin is launched into the underdog battle of his life to defend and redeem his story.

I can't start to put into words how completely off-the-wall this story is, or do the comedy of it justice.  So I'm going to have to settle with writing down some of the things that have stuck with me since I watched it, seared into my visual memory.  Forever.

- blow gun, with poop darts
- popcorn balls
- blond transexual
- the most enormous pair of lips I've ever seen on a man
- old lady nightgowns
- flying deer with guns in their hoo-ha's
- bolo ties
- I did not know pythons could poop that prolifically ... can they?
- Grizzly Adams in a unitard
- cyclops with assault rifle
- matching mother / son Western outfits ... in purple silk
- the most uncomfortable hand massage I've ever witnessed
- wood paneling

I'll finish out my review with the words of another reviewer from Netflix, that about says it all:
"Dad thought it was the worst pile of dung I'd ever recommended. I loved it. Giggled to myself in self indulgent nerdiness."

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