Friday, February 3, 2012

Never Girl

As I was cleaning the other day, Sophie came bounding into the living room.  She was dressed in her rainbow swimsuit from last summer, and had tied a purple scarf around her neck.  She leaped across the carpet on her tiptoes, pirouetted once, then stopped in front of me with her arms raised and head thrown back. 

"Wow, who are you today?"  I asked.

"I'm Never Girl!"  She shook out her cape and struck a dramatic pose.  "Because I never give up!"  Then she took off down the hall, springing on her tiptoes.

As her, "Don't worry, I can help you!" drifted down the hall, I smiled to myself and let my hands still for a moment.  My heart suddenly overflowed.  I let out a small sigh.  This was one of the moments that slip so sweetly through my fingers, gone before I recognize it, leaving a glistening gem of remembrance that I, like Mary, "treasure up and ponder in my heart". 

Happy 5th Birthday, baby girl.  May you be blessed.

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