Monday, September 5, 2011

Media Monday - 'Big Brother' Week 8

Welcome to what used to be called, 'Netflix Movie Monday'.  This is where I review a movie / TV show / documentary that I have discovered, found interesting, and want to share.  As Big Brother is my annual summer time obsession, and it's on three times a week, Media Monday will be dedicated to BB recaps while the show airs.

Sunday, August 28 - Head of Household Competition, Nomination Ceremony

After last Thursday's crazy double eviction episode left the house guests reeling, Porsche comes out on top winning HoH.  Jordan and Rachel, the last remaining vets, all but give up hope since they are now outnumbered four to two, and don't have the power.  Jordan is deeply hurt by Shelly's backstabbing vote to evict Jeff, and goes off on him.  I was proud of her - it's the first time in two seasons I've seen a real, strong emotion from her.  Shelly is turning out to be a real snake, but I understand her wanting to split up Jeff and Jordan.  There's no way either one would take Shelly to the final two if it were Jeff, Jordan, and Shelly in the final three.   Couples are dangerous in the game of Big Brother!
Pandora's Box was reintroduced into the house, and of course Porsche decided to open it.  She won $10,000 to share with a friend (she chooses Kalia), but unleashed the couple's twist back onto the house for one week.  Jordan and Rachel are ecstatic, because it means that if they get put up on the block, and one of them wins the power of veto, BOTH of them are safe!
Porsche nominates Jordan and Rachel anyway, despite the couple's twist.

Wednesday, August 31 - Veto Competition and Ceremony

The Veto competition is an endurance challenge, where the house guests have to hold onto a dummy with the face of their old partner while suspended in the air.  Porsche has to hold onto a dummy with Keith's face and says if she never wants to have to see him again in her life.  Which is funny because she thought flirting with him was the way to get ahead in the game!
Rachel wins.  "I looooove to wrap my legs around my man!"  Ugh.
At the Veto ceremony, Rachel uses her PoV to take herself and Jordan off the block.  Porsche nominates Adam and Shelly, the only remaining couple, to replace them.

Thursday, September 1 - Live Eviction Ceremony, Head of Household Competition

Shelly does some major scrambling, promising everything from being Jordan and Rachel's total slave, to giving Rachel her (fake) diamond ring, but it doesn't save her.  Rachel and Jordan  are out for revenge, and vote to evict Shelly at the live eviction ceremony.
The Head of Household competition gets underway.  The house guests have to wade through an obstacle course to deliver donuts from one side of the yard to another.  It looks like hard work.  We are left with yet another cliff hanger, as the house guests battle it out for HoH.  But wait!!  If you pay the subscription price of $14.99,  you can watch how the competition plays out on CBS's online, live feed.  Aaaaand that's how I'm convinced the show makes it's real money.

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