Saturday, January 8, 2011

1000 Pageviews!

Being relatively new to the blogger world, this is exciting for me.  My little blog has acquired 1000 pageviews!  It amazes me that anyone would actually want to read my random ramblings, and it amazes me even more that somebody would want to keep coming BACK to read them. 

The coolest part about all of this to me is the countries around the world I have hits from.  Here are a few:

United States
Solomon Islands
Zambia (thank you, whoever you are!  I notice that you come often to check the blog, and I think it's absolutely wonderful)
United Kingdom
Saudi Arabia

If you guys don't mind, I'd love to learn more about you --- post a comment and say hi!  Are there any stories / themes you want to hear more about?  What do you most like to read?


  1. I love reading about what your kids are doing/learning/saying. I kind of live vicariously through my blogging friends who have kids! ;)

    I've thought about doing a similar post - one of these days I'll get around to it. Knowing that my blog has readers from all around the world really keeps me cautious about what I put on it!

  2. Hey Danica,

    ...Australia from me :)
    One day I may share my own Solomons stories, for now I will remember through yours.
    Really love it.

    Bec (B, now M)

  3. We love your random ramblings (in person or online!)

  4. Yes, but in person, you can't just turn me off...

  5. I stop by occasionally to see what you've written. In so many ways you feel like my soul sister. Even with all my numerous friends from PNG I don't have the same connection since their experiences are all specific to PNG. There is such a small group who have experienced the Solomons. I would love to be able to meet you in person some day wantok.