Monday, January 17, 2011

Netflix Movie Monay - Jan 17

Welcome to Netflix Movie Monday!  The day of the week where I bring you a streaming, Netflix movie that I have found interesting, humorous, or just plain good.  This week's review is technically a TV show:

Dexter, according to Netflix, is a "macabre drama about a likable forensics expert who channels his violent tendencies into knocking off miscreants."  I wasn't too thrilled about this Showtime original, and ignored it in the 'Movies You'll Love' suggestions for several months.  After finally taking a chance on it this week, I am completely won over, and plan on many Dexter marathons until I've consumed both seasons that are offered streaming on Netflix (seasons 3 - 5 are mail order, with season 6 coming soon).

The title character, Dexter Morgan, is the adopted son of a Miami police officer.  After discovering the young Dexter compulsively killing off annoying neighborhood dogs, his father embarks on a lifelong mission to help Dexter channel his 'urges' in productive ways.  Together, Dexter and his father create a code to kill by.  Dexter becomes a vigilante serial killer, seeking out other killers who have evaded law enforcement and giving them their just due. 

A dark twist on the superhero theme, Dexter lives his entire life as a mild-mannered introvert, the Miami police department's blood spatter expert (ironic, right?).  What I love about this show are the monologues Dexter has with himself, which often have me laughing out loud as he pulls the wool over the eyes of everyone he knows, including his commitment phobic girlfriend and his butch (yet gorgeous) sister, who also works for the Miami PD as an undercover prostitute. 

The character development is surprisingly deep and thorough.  You find yourself rooting for Dexter, through his little triumphs and failures.  It's a great show for anyone who has felt on the outside of society.  As a TCK, I empathized with Dexter's detached musings, as he attempts to understand the people around him, and fakes a 'normal' that he has never known.

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