Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Resolutions ... or Goals ... or Whatever

Everyone else is doing it, I might as well do it, as well ... OK that didn't make sense.  I must be tired.  With a nod to my sleep deprived state, I will not be posting anything eloquent, descriptive, particularly witty or thoughtful.  Instead, in list form, I'll post my goals for myself for 2011.

You see, I'm a goal oriented person.  When I become interested in something, I go after it whole hog.  The problem is, the past few years I've been going whole hog after things that are outside the home:  leadership, the campaign, moving, organizations ...and my home, family, and internal personal needs have been put on the back burner. 

So, in light of all of this, I hereby declare that this year I am going WHOLE HOG after rebuilding, restoring, and deepening (OK, couldn't find a 're' word for that one) my family, my marriage, and myself.  With this end in mind, here are some sub-goals to set myself on track for achieving it.

*** Disclaimer (can you tell I'm married to a lawyer?) *** These are simply goals, not rigid rules. If I can at least live with a few of these guidelines in mind, I'll be happy with myself.

1.  Focus on Scott.
Both of us have been climbing life's mountains together, so we've grown closer as partners over the past few years, but it's time to put the focus back on the oo-la-la. (if you nowudImean)

2.  Focus on Sophie and Xander.
I want to consciously slow down, and really take time daily to celebrate my kids.  I feel that I spend my days finding ways to keep them busy, so I can get my work done.  How completely backwards and upside down!  This year I want to discover more of who they are, and help unlock the gifts deep inside them.

3.  Focus on my family.
I want to spend time with Scott and the kids, creating meaningful family memories.  The past year our family activities included driving around for hours putting up campaign signs, shopping at WalMart, and going door-to-door.  Yeah.  Not too inspiring.  This year, I want to go on walks, fly kites at the park, take day trips to the mountains, zoo, and museums, and go on one or two extended family vacations.

4.  Focus on my writing.
This is a goal for ME.  I owe it to myself to be disciplined enough to refine my craft, find my voice, and practice, practice, practice.

5.  Focus on my body.
What New Year's Resolution list would be complete without a weight loss goal?  I want to reach that magical region of 1*5 - 1*0 (um, you're crazy if you think I'm actually going to post the numbers here.  I have boundaries, you know).  Let's just say I'd like to look good in a yoga outfit.

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