Thursday, September 1, 2011

2011 Goals Revisited: September

Who out there was wondering if I'd abandoned my goals??  I have to confess something:  I did.  For three months.  Well, not all of my goals, but some of them, and I also abandoned blogging about them.  Why?  I needed a break from the pressure to perform.  I needed some breathing room.  I needed a summer vacation.  So I took a vacation from the two goals that are the most work for me - my writing, and my exercise/weight loss.  This summer I focused in on my family and marriage.  Here's an assessment of where I'm at now:

1.  Focus on Scott

Our small group is doing a marriage study right now called Boundaries in Marriage. It has been incredible.  Going over the curriculum at the beginning of the summer, I have to admit I had some major reservations about getting into it, mostly because some of the topics discussed hit way too close for comfort.  I was very happy where I was at, thankyouverymuch.  No need to go stirring all the ugly up!  But let me tell you, I am so happy we are doing this study.  Scott and I have gone to a completely new level in our marriage.  I highly recommend this study, but only if you have the courage to look at your own 'ugly' face to face!
Here's a clip:

My grade for this goal:  "A+" for all the hard work!!

2.  Focus on Sophie and Xander

All summer long, the kids and I hung out.  We swam.  We played.  We went to the library and then ate picnic lunches underneath the cottonwood trees outside.  This summer turned out to be a beautiful time of bonding for us.

3.  Focus on our family

We milked the family time during the long, lazy days of summer, as well.  We took several day trips to the near-by 'big city', got ice cream cones at Sonic after dinner, swam for hours.  We went through two boxes of Otter Pops, watched the city fireworks from our driveway, watched God's fireworks from our driveway.
"A +"

4.  Focus on my writing

Meh.  I was pretty sporadic this summer about keeping up the blog.  Some months I did awesome, some months I hardly wrote at all.  The reason?  I just needed a BREAK from the pressure of having to produce, to perform.  I have to say, it was pretty nice!
I'm giving myself a solid "C", for not giving up all together.

5.  Focus on my body

Wait, what?  This was a goal?  Yes, I must sadly report that I ran only sporadically this summer.  I did pilates even less often.  The majority of the exercise I got (if any), was swimming.  I made a point to tread water for 15 - 20 minutes every time I got in the pool.  Still, I gained 6 lbs, and am now back out of my goal weight range.  So, it's back on the diet for me (which I really have missed, no matter how yummy that ice cream with homemade fudge sauce may be, because the diet really does make me feel better).  My alarm is set for 5:00 am, and I am determined to work my running endurance back up!
"F"  (the most enjoyable "F" I have ever earned, might I add)

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