Monday, April 25, 2011

Netflix Movie Monday - 'Salt'

It's Monday again!  Time for my weekly installment, where I bring you a movie I found streaming on Netflix that interested or entertained me.  This week's installment is pure mind candy of the action genre: 

Gotta love me some Jolie!  Our favorite big-lipped actress stars in this action thriller as Evelyn Salt, a CIA agent who is actually a Russian sleeper spy.  Salt is part of a decades long scheme by a rogue Russian mastermind to cause the ultimate downfall of the U.S.  She is charged to *gasp!* kill the President (both the Russian and American ones).  Of course, she kicks major booty along the way, outwitting the dozens of men trying to foil her mission.  Sound corny?  It is.  But let's face it, some nights that's just what the doctor orders. 

To make up for the warmed-over and much recycled plot lines, 'Salts' action sequences will keep you holding your breath from beginning to end.  Angelina Jolie is fun to watch, and I think she did quite a good job emoting when the part called for it.  And although I saw the plot twists coming, they did have me guessing to a point.  Best of all, Jolie stayed clothed throughout the whole flick.  Nice to see an action movie without the obligatory sex scene! 

If you're looking for an evening of some shoot-'em-up action that will keep you engaged and guessing from start to finish, 'Salt' is the choice for you.

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