Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What is Love?

Love patiently bears offense and injury.

Love is gracious.

Love stays cool, instead of boiling with envy and anger.

Love does not say, "Look at me!", and is not full of hot air.

Love is not unseemly, and does not demand its own way.

Love doesn't have a short fuse.

It keeps a clean slate, and isn't excited by law breaking.

Love sides joyfully with the truth.

Love spreads its wings to cover all things.

It confidently believes all things.

It hopefully trusts all things.

It bravely and calmly bears all things.

Love never loses altitude, crashes, and burns.

These three things are always here:  faith, hope, love.  But the widest, deepest, longest, highest and most greatly esteemed is love.

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  1. Love changes everything, as it says in some musical.