Sunday, April 3, 2011

2011 Goals Revisited: April

Hello!  I have been absent from the computer for a while, taking a much needed vacation with the family.  (Don't you just love this funky representation of 'Starry Night'?)

I've missed this blog, and am ready to dive back in.  Starting with an update on my new year's resolutions. Here's the overview:  I think I rocked it this month!  I really, really did.  February was horrible, but something clicked in March, and I pushed through (finally!) into some success.

1.  Focus on Scott.
We're settling back into the comfortable, easy Scott-and-Danica rhythm we've missed so much.  I've always loved Song of Solomon 4:9, "You have stolen my heart, my sister, my bride.  You have stolen my heart with one glance from your eyes."  The word, 'sister', was used in that culture to speak of someone who is a very, close friend.  This month my hubby and I walked together as best friends and lovers.  'Nuff said.  I give myself an 'A' for this change of attitude!

2.  Focus on the kids.
I cut out a weekly activity this month that was really just for me - the kids would go to childcare, and I'd have 'me time'.  I home schooled Sophie on an average of 4 times per week (she loves this so much that she reminds me every day not to forget!).  I made a HUGE effort to keep my patience when answering the same question posed by Xander for the 50th time in a row.  And, I stayed on top of discipline.  I get an 'A' in this category, as well.

3.  Focus on my family.
We spent every weekend as a family, working on the big project, which right now is readying our back yard for Summer.  And then, of course, we took a vacation (the first in years), and milked every second of it to reconnect and build stronger relationships.  It was a sweet, blessed time.  'A'!

4.  Focus on my writing.
This is the category where I didn't do as well as the others (there always seems to be one), but I'm not beating myself up too much over it.  I only have 9 posts for March, but there was a week where I had strep, and another one where we were on vacation, with no access to the Internet.  So, for this goal I get a 'B'.

5.  Focus on my body.
I think I am most excited about my success in this area.  I lost 6 lbs (here I'm NOT including part of our vacation, because that's just wrong.  Yes, I was going to treat myself to a darth chocolate / strawberry Amy's Ice Cream, no matter what sort of diet I was on!)  My biggest victory was the running.  I bumped my mileage up from jogging 1 mile, to doing 2 miles at a pretty respectable clip.  A few days I ran 2.5 miles, and once I even did 3.  The most surprising part?  I found out that I really do love being out, alone, in the cool pre-dawn desert, where my thoughts can run in a steady stream as my feet pound the pea gravel.  I even got up during my vacation to run the highs and lows of the Hill Country.  And enjoyed it.  By the end of the month, I hope to have kicked it up to a solid 3 miles, and have my sights set on a little 5K.  On this goal, I give myself the highest grade : 'A+'.

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