Sunday, April 17, 2011

Yup, This Is My Life

So I was Facebook stalking the prom pictures of some teens I know.  There they were, so bright, so young, their lives stretched in front of them with shining possibility.  I was pulled away from examining one sweet couple by a yell from the bathroom.

"Moooooom!  I go pooooooooo poo!"  It was Xander.  Fully potty trained now, but still unable to wipe his own little bottom.  I put my computer down, and went to help him.

"Mom!"  he greeted me cheerily when I entered the bathroom, "I made a big poo poo!"  He was sitting on the frog potty, leaning his elbows on his knees, little pot belly squished up against his alligator pajamas.

"Uh huh,"  I responded, kneeling down so he could lean himself over my lap.  After I cleaned him off, Xander bounced back up to inspect.

"Oooo I not make big poo poo.  I made little poo poo!  And pee pee."  I poured the contents into the toilet.  "Mommy, can I fwush it?"

"Yes, honey."  He was a little puppy, irrepressibly cheerful and interested.

I sat down myself on the toilet.  "Mommy, you making a poo poo?"

That's when my mind flashed to the 17 year old me, posing for my prom pics, my future path strewn with diamonds and glamour.  Yup, this life was slightly more mundane than I had imagined then.  But the sweet moments are sweeter, and the fulfillment I get from caring for my family greater than I could have known at 17.  This is my life.  And I love it.


  1. We went out for our anniversary last night, forgetting it was prom night. So much fun to watch! Props to the young man who wore a pink vest to match his date's dress, even if he only made a half-hearted attempt to pull her chair out:) Saw one table of library teens, who all looked very classy - and a whole lot of dresses I would never let my daughter wear in public! Note to young ladies: slutty does not equal attractive!

    Meantime, I'm in my stretch pants and a shirt that barely stretches across my preggo belly, enjoying an evening without the kids so we can - talk about the kids. It's all good:)

  2. My favorites are waking up with 4 little snugglebugs squished in my bed. It is so much better than where I imagined myself at 17. Not to mention all the bathroom convos that always leave me in stitches. (like: mom my poop looks like daddys favorite twisty donut or mom! I got my big poop out. It's a green one! Come see!)

  3. Aw, Danica this is sweet. I remember the days before children too and most of the time, I can't imagine how I was happy. Things sure are different. . .but better.