Monday, January 23, 2012

Media Monday - Downton Abbey, Season 2

Happy Monday, folks.  Time to bring you yet another movie / documentary / show I have found (for free) online.  I've already heard a lot of buzz about today's selection, but couldn't resist adding my own two cents:

This is one for all you period drama lovers out there.  "Downton Abbey" offers an enthralling look at the inner workings of a post-Edwardian English manor.  It showcases both those living upstairs and downstairs, following the drama and intrigue of their lives as they interact with each other and the changing world around them.  As the first World War collides with their aristocratic paradigm, each character struggles to cope with the shifting times, and discover where his or her place is in this new world.

The character development in this series is fantastic.  I lived, suffered, loved, laughed and despaired right long with the residents of the Abbey.  The plot takes unexpected twists, and sweeps the characters masterfully through the historic setting.  The costuming is fantastic.  I now want to bob my hair and get some drop waist dresses.

As of today, we are three episodes into the 9 episode second season (I reviewed the first season last Spring).  You can watch all the episodes streaming on the PBS Masterpiece Classic website here.  The website also has cool extras like a look into the style of Downton Abbey, and a fun quiz to discover which character you are most like.  Definitely worth checking out!

*** Edited to add:  After some wiki reading, I discovered that this entire series has already aired in the U.K.  Lucky you!  A third season is in the works, to be aired in the United Kingdom in September 2012.  It will be set in the Roaring 20's.  So we know the costuming will be fabulous!  

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