Friday, January 6, 2012

Sophie Says What?

Last night, my husband and I were heatedly discussing (very loudly), the Republican presidential primary candidates.  Sophie, who we thought we had safely tucked into bed and was adventuring in dreamland by then, poked her nose around the corner.

Me:  "What do you need, Sophie?  You should be in bed."

Sophie:  " ....... "

Scott:  "Honey, Mommy and I weren't fighting.  We're not mad at each other.  We were just really excited about what we were talking about."

Sophie:  "What were  you talking about?"

Me:  "Well, we're talking about the election for the President."  (Sophie knows about elections, since she got to see one first hand two years ago with Daddy).

Sophie:  "Who's the President?"

Me:  "He's the boss of everybody in America."

Scott:  "And we want the boss to be a good guy, not a mean man."

Sophie (with an indignant look and clenched fists):  "But JESUS is the boss of everybody!  And He's God's Son!  And He takes care of us!"

Well, that put our grownup discussion into perspective.  Why have fear when the God of the Universe is in charge?

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