Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Roger, Copy That

At church on Sunday, the baby's insistence on using my bladder as a kick board sent me to the restroom during worship.  By then it had emptied of the pre-service rush, leaving only myself and one other woman, singing off key to herself in the next stall.

"Aww," I thought.  "She's happy to be here."  We finished at the same time and queued up in front of the mirror next to each other to wash our hands.

She suddenly raised her finger to her ear.  "Hello, are you there?  Yes.  Is the ear piece working?  OK, good. You'll have to report in later because I have just arrived at church."  This was all in a semi hushed, furtive tone.

Keeping my eyes firmly on my hands, I dried them and quickly left the room.   Thank you, secret agent bathroom lady, for making my day that much more enjoyable.

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