Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year, everybody!  There's something about starting a new year fresh.  Full of possibility.  You haven't made any mistakes yet, you haven't failed, you don't know what's behind the next bend in the road.  Exciting.  A bit scary (who wouldn't have some trepidation at the state our world is in as we turn the corner into 2012?).  

Looking into the next 12 months that stretch in front of me, I have a few goals I'd like to work towards.  You can call them 'guidelines', or 'things to keep in mind as I live my life'.  Definitely not hard and fast rules, or, for heaven's sake, resolutions.  I did it last year, and although I only kept up with the blog through September (that first trimester was a doozy), the goals remained on my mind throughout the year.  Over 2011, my relationship with Scott reached new depths of intimacy, trust and communication.  My kids and our family became a top priority.  I started to curb the unhealthy lifestyle I had been living, and started a new course towards health.  I wrote more than ever before.  I really think I accomplished these things because I gave myself a target to shoot for in January.

So here are my goals for 2012.  

1.  Focus on Scott.
Yep, it was my number one goal last year, and I'm keeping it for 2012.  Why?  Because I need the reminder that I am a wife first, and everything else second.  Poor guy often gets the dregs of my attention after a long day with the kids and errands.  

2.  Focus on the Kids.
This year, this particular goal means 'homeschool'.  Sophie's turning 5 next month (*gasp* how did that happen??  Wasn't she nursing yesterday?), and it's about time I buckled down to take her education seriously.  I 'play' at it now and then, but haven't put a lot of time and effort into a real schedule for her.  Poor Xander's gotten the short end of the stick as far as my educational attention goes.  What he knows he's basically picked up from Sophie.  I have several goals for both kids.  In the Spring I'm not going to put too much focus on homeschool, because I know in a few months it'll be all I can do to accomplish basic household tasks.  
But by May, I do want Sophie to:  1) learn to count coins.  2) sight read number words.  3) count by 2's and 5's.  4) improve her fluency (and confidence) in reading.  
For Xander:  1) improve fine motor skills (drawing and cutting).  2) learn the letters of his name.  3)  accurately count items from 1 - 20.  4)  learn his shapes.
I also want to implement a workable chore system for them, that we can keep up with as a team.  Sophie'll start getting an allowance as part of this system.

3.  Focus on the House.
It's about time we started all the remodeling projects we've been planning for 3 years.  THIS is the year, Scott and I have decided, that we'll put time, energy and money into getting our home the way we want it.  This includes updates, and also things like creating organizational systems that work for us.  By the end of 2012, I don't want piles of stuff everywhere in the house - like my mother always said, 'a place for everything, and everything in its place'.  

4.  Focus on the Whole.
This is my 'me' goal for 2012.  I want to lead a 'whole-istic' life this year.  I want to be spiritually whole, protecting my hour in the morning with God.  I want to be physically whole on the inside and outside, exercising daily (pilates and walking while pregnant, then working up to running 3 miles again after the baby) and feeding my body (and family) with as much whole, unprocessed food as I can manage.  I want to be creatively whole, giving my writing its proper place in my life and pushing through to write even when the muse takes a vacation.  

These are my goals to live by this year.  I'll revisit them every month, because the accountability last year kept me on track.  My friend Ami's doing the same, which makes sense because she's about as OCD as I am.  Head over to her blog and see what she's doing, and stop back in next month when I grade myself.  

What about you?  Have you made any goals / resolutions for the new year?  


  1. Oh, sure, make me accountable to twice as many people:P

  2. I love that your goals are SO simple!!!