Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Friends - Santa Cruz, Solomon Islands

We all have different experiences when we live in a different country.  On Fridays, I share the experiences, memories and pictures from others living across cultures.

Do you want to contribute?  Email me a picture accompanied by a short description / story / poem / whatever inspires you! I'll put it up!

Santa Cruz, Solomon Islands
Micah (American)

I want to tell you about a humble man. This man’s name is Mr. Simon. He is called Mr., because in the Solomon Islands, “Mr.” signifies that he is or was a school teacher. He is old… so old, that I could tell even carrying a light object with both hands for any length of time was hard. He is 87 to be exact. And it just so happens that 14 years before I was born, at the age of 55, this man – this Mr. Simon – began a great work. He began it at the age at which my parents finished it.

When (you see) the blind, titanic faith of a man who above all else in his life sought after God’s word; a man who loves the Lord his God with all his heart, all his soul, all his mind, and with every fiber of his fading strength; when you see this man – this humble, quiet, old man, I’ll tell you that his name is Mr. Simon.

Thanks, Micah, for this beautiful character portrait of Mr. Simon!  If YOU have a submission, send it my way and you could see it here soon!

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