Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Friends

Sometimes I come across pictures of other people who lived overseas.  They always make me curious.  What was their experience like?  Was it different from mine?  Even families who lived in the Solomons at the same time as we did, but in different villages than ours, have experiences that vastly differ from my own.  Heck, I'd venture to guess that in some instances, the four of us Gentry kids all came away with uniquely individual perceptions of events.

This curiosity of mine, coupled with the fact that my blog is sadly lacking in the photography department, has inspired me to create a new segment:  Friday Friends.

I am sending out the plea to anyone who has in the past, or is currently living TCK (in a culture other than their own), to send me a picture accompanied by a short (a few sentences to a few paragraphs), description of the shot.  I will post the pics here on my blog on Fridays.

1.  You can email me your pictures, or Facebook message them to me.
2.  Please include where you are from (originally, like what your passport says), and where the pic was taken.
3.  Include when the pic was taken.
4.  If you only have the picture in hard copy, just take a picture of it with your digital camera or phone, and I can post that.

I can't wait to see what you share!!!

To show you what I'm talking about, here's an old pic of mine:

Bontazi Island, PNG

This was the 'village living' part of our missionary training.  You see the fish windsock in the background?  We found out later that the villagers thought it was where we kept our ancestors (usually they are kept in weapons that are passed down through the generations, but hey, white people are weird like that).

We lived here isolated for three months.  Upon returning back to the missionary base camp, my dad asked what had been going on in the world while we were away.  The reply he got was, "Nazi Germany fell and the Berlin Wall was torn down."  Can you imagine?!!

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