Monday, July 25, 2011

Media Monday - 'Big Brother' Week 3

Ok, folks, 'Netflix Movie Monday' has officially been renamed to 'Media Monday'.  Since Netflix's prices are going up, we're scaling back on our subscription to their service.  Plus, I do watch many shows online, and on Hulu.

All right, moving on to last week's Big Brother...

Sunday, July 17 - Food Competition, Nomination Ceremony
The house guests pair up with their partners in giant ant costumes to compete to see who will have to be a 'Have Not' for the week and live on slop.  Kalia gets hurt and they have to call in the waaaam-bulance, um, I mean, the medic.  But she's ok.  Lawon just squished her.

Jordan gets a lot of pressure from her alliance to put up Cassie and Shelly on the block, mostly because Cassie intimidates all the girls in the house because she's so.  sinking.  gorgeous.  But Jordan nominates Adam and Dominic for the block.  Go Jordan!  Maybe she does have some game, after all ... or maybe it's Jeff behind the scenes.

On a side note, I'm getting more respect for Dominic the more I see him play the game.  He's a pretty sharp guy.  We'll see how he does on Wednesday's Veto Competition ...

Wednesday, July 20 - Veto Competition and Veto Ceremony
We see Porsche and Rachel having a we-hate-Cassie fest.  They're just jealous.  Meanwhile, Danielle is working her little charms on Dominic ... I can't tell if he's on to her or not.  At this point, it looks like he's getting played.  Careful, Dom!

At the Veto Competition, Dominic, Adam, Jeff, Jordan and Brachel compete to see who can stick gumballs into the shape of the veto symbol.  Rachel gets all snarky with Jordan, and after Dom wins power of veto (shoot, now they're going to put up Cassie), Jeff dons his shining armor to defend his lady love.  He says, "Someone has to set her straight,"  and he's got that right, because we all know Brendan sure won't.  Rachel goes to pout/hide/cry in the bushes (literally), while Brendan tries to coax her out.  Dys-func-tion!

At this point I'm crossing my fingers that Jordan will back door Brachel, but does she do it?  Nooooo, she puts up Cassie and Shelly instead (darn it, Jordan, that just cost you the game!)  I can understand she wanted to keep Brendan and Rachel because they are a strong team to have in your alliance, to win competitions ... but they win competitions.  Which means they'll be impossible to get out later on.

Thursday, July 21 - Live Eviction Ceremony, Head of Household Competition
Cassie hits the ground running HARD to work her angles and stay in the game.  I'm liking her better every minute, especially when she calls Rachel out.  I've never seen anyone stand up to Rachel like that.  Go Cassie!!!  Pleasepleaseplease don't vote her out, people ...

But of course, she's sent packing, by a unanimous vote.  BOOOOOO.  There's nobody I really want to root for anymore!  Cassie, I'm sorry sister, but some girls just can't stand it when someone else is prettier.

Speaking of 'some girls' (ahem), Rachel wins HoH (again) in the new Head of Household Competition.  Woop dee flippin doo.

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