Monday, July 11, 2011

Netflix Movie Monday (or not) - Big Brother

Happy Monday everybody!  Usually on Mondays I try to bring you a movie that I have watched, streaming, on Netflix, that I found interesting, insightful or entertaining in some way.  However, for the next month or so, I will not be watching many movies o'the evenings.  Why, you ask?  Because three nights a week will be taken up with my yearly guilty pleasure:  'Big Brother'.

With the games and cash prize of 'Survivor', and the snarkiness and drama of 'Real World', 'Big Brother' has been my summer indulgence for several years now.  Even Scott watches it with me.  As well as half my small group.  (And I predict the rest will start watching, if only just to be able to understand what the heck we're all talking about).  So I'll be taking a hiatus from writing movie reviews on Mondays, and will be posting my weekly impressions of BB, instead.  Also, since I watch all my TV shows online, and BB airs on Sundays (as well as Wednesdays and Thursdays), my Monday posts won't include Sunday night's episodes.

This year BB surprised us (or did it?  Since we know to expect the unexpected... ) with not one, not two, but three twists on the very first night.  Twist numero uno was that the house guests would be playing in pairs this season.  The second twist was that three dynamic duos from previous seasons are returning to the house to compete (more on that later).  Lastly, each house guest who survives the block will get the 'Golden Ticket', which will prevent them from both being nominated in the future, and competing in competitions.

Ok, here's my take on the new house guests and their partners:

Heavy Metal Dude and Mama's Boy:
Adam is the token old guy.  Wore a shirt with the naked girl silhouette truckers use on their bumper flaps for his first interview (real classy), and likes to make guttural screams while flashing the 'rock on' sign.
Dominic is a pretty boy who loves to ride motorcycles ... who still lives at home.  His mommy was crying (like, sobbing) when he said 'goodbye' to go into the BB house.  He's not too happy about being Adam's wife for the season.

Token Black Guy and Stripper Chick:
Ok, she's not a stripper.  She's a 'VIP Hostess', whatever that means.  Apparently it's an opulent lifestyle, because she felt the need to lie and tell the other house guests she is a student.  Kinda ugly, but I like her fashion sense.  She'll be playing the 'sex kitten' card, and we'll probably see the cat claws come out from this one before the season's over.  Oh, and she even has a stripper name.  Porsche.
Keith keeps talking about how he's an ordained deacon.  Also the size of his female house guests' boobies.  He picks Porsche because he's into blondes, and I predict he's gonna get played.

Black Carrie Bradshaw and Flamboyant Gay Guy:
Kalia (think, 'Kahlua') is a sex and relationship writer.  She's a schemer, and might have played a really good game, but I have a feeling some of the returning (more experienced) house guests will soon get her number.  Her strategy is to fly under the radar, and is upset because she has one of the loudest partners in the house.
Lawon (like 'Levon', with a speech impediment), is supposedly a sharp dressing gay guy.  I think his clothes are ugly.  And he's more of a cartoonish stereotype than an real person so far.

The Model and The Mom:
My favorite couple!  Cassie is a down-to-earth model, who seems pretty savvy and understated.  Shelly is a tough but kind hearted mom.  They both love the outdoors, fishing and hunting.  They're both pretty smart, and seem to have similar strategies (they threw the first HoH competition so as not to appear a threat).  I hope they don't get voted out too quickly.

Up against these is three sets of returning house guests:

Jeff and Jordan:
America's favorite couple.  They really do almost make my teeth hurt sometimes, they're so stinking cute and sweet.  Part of me wants them off early, because they already dominated one game.

Dick and Danielle:
He's back!  I was hoping we'd get to see more of Evil Dick this season.  He's one of my favorite BB house guests ever, he says whatever's on his mind, and is a tough competitor.  How can someone so nasty be so endearing at the same time?  Danielle's still not talking to her dad (if she'd sat any further away from him in the Diary Room, she would have fallen off the bench), but I've got mad respect for the understated way she plays the game.  They almost won the first HoH competition.  Unfortunately, that honor went to ...

Rachel and Brendon:
Oh.  My.  Gosh.  Do we have to listen to that laugh for another entire summer?  Brachel is like the cockroach on Wall-E that just can't get squished.  Oh well, we know for sure now that there will be some drama in this summer's Big Brother house!

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