Sunday, July 24, 2011


One of the things I never quite got over in the village, even though we lived there for a little under a decade, was the nudity.  

Little boys running by in packs with their tallywackers flopping proudly would make me cringe a little on the inside, every time.  As they squatted in the dirt to pick up some stick or stone, I would covertly watch as their junk hung lower ... and lower ... but never quite grazed the ground.  Once I saw a toddler heading across the soccer field, letting lose a stream that watered the ground in front of him like a sprinkler as he ran.  

I always tried not to stare.  But when a nekkid boy (no matter how young), is in front of you, your eyes aren't drawn to his face.  Trust me.  

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  1. Ha ha! Our house is usually full of some naked boy and one girl who has learned how to potty outside amazingly well.