Monday, July 18, 2011

Netflix Movie Monday (or not) - Big Brother

It's Monday, and time for what I've been calling, 'Netflix Movie Monday', where I review a movie I found, streaming, on Netflix that I found interesting or entertaining.  However.  Netflix, long considered a customer-friendly little company that looked out for the little guy, recently turned all big corporation on us and hiked its rates up 60%.  Not cool, Netflix.  Not cool at all.

In protest I just might change the name of this segment to, 'Media Monday'.  Or not, we'll see.

Ok, on to Big Brother, everybody's favorite summer obsession.  

Sunday, July 10 - Food Competition, Nomination Ceremony

The veterans are already working it.  Evil Dick works his magic on Porsche, and she totally falls for it (seems to me like she has some daddy issues).  She tells ED that the vets have not only her vote, but Keith's as well.  And then goes and tells Keith about the whole conversation.  Um, Porsche, have you watched Big Brother?  You gotta keep your mouth shut to make it in this game.  

Keith totally freaks out and goes on a paranoid tirade, accusing Kahlua Kalia and Porsche of being flippers and sellouts to the veterans.  Not a smooth move, Keith.  Apparently you haven't ever watched BB, either.  

The house guests compete to stay off of slop for the week.  Keith bounces on his house guests to squeeze milk from their costumes, and also perhaps to practice his lady skills.  Nasty.  

Rachel decides to put up Porsche and Keith on the block during the nomination ceremony.  "... for strategy.  Welcome to Big Brother, guys," she says.  Just a liiiiitle condescending.  

Wednesday, July 13 - Veto Competition and Ceremony

Right off the bat, Porsche is hurt by her nomination.  She can't see that this is giving her the Golden Key and a free ride for the next few weeks.  She goes to cry about it on her bed.  Poor widdle thing.  

Dick gets called to the Diary Room, and never reemerges.  All the house guests are freaking out, especially Danielle although she's trying to hide it.  Then Rachel gets called to the Diary Room, and comes back with an announcement to read.  Apparently Dick quit the game for personal reasons.  Que the wail of 'NOOOOO!!!!!' echoing in living rooms across America.  And I was so looking forward to watching him all summer!  

Since Danielle lost her partner, BB gives here the first Golden Key.  She and the rest of the veterans go up to the HoH room to pout about it.  Jeff becomes the hero with a super awesome pep talk, "We've gotta knuckle up like Rocky!"  Cool.  Way cool.  

Porsche gets over her pouting spell and realizes that she's actually in a good position.  She decides to throw the veto competition.  Keith is confident he won't get voted off.  He decides to throw the veto competition.  They're both tools.  

Brachel win the Veto Competition, and keep the nominations the same.  They're actually not that annoying this season.  With ED gone, I just might root for them (???).  

Cassie hasn't been much of a player, but the camera sure does love to pan over to her lurking in the background.  She gets a ton more air time than, say, Shelly.  I think BB's just giving the male fans a little eye candy.  She is gorgeous.  

Thursday, July 14 - Live Eviction and Head of Household Competition

Brachel have a little lover's quarrel.  Rachel keeps calling, "Bookie Bear!!!" across the yard, and Brendan gets his panties in a wad.  He's like, "Come on, Rachel, I'm ready to go to bed," and drags her off to the HoH room so that she can watch him pout.  Can you say, 'dysfunction junction'?!  She's all, "I love you..." and he stares moodily into the fish tank (the FISH tank), and ignores her.  Apparently Brendan wants to be taken seriously since he's going to be a doctor (a professional), and having your fiance call you, 'Bookie Bear' goes against that aim.  In reality, he just didn't like Rachel teaming up with other house guests to tease him.  They are so co-dependent.  Maybe I won't root for them.  

The veterans work their magic on the rest of the house guests to garner the votes needed tonight.  I have to give it to them, they can play the game!  It's fun to watch.  

In a surprise twist, Kalia votes to evict Keith (joining Porsche and Shelly to flip against the newbies).  You shouldn't have gone all crazy on her, Keith.  Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.  Especially in Big Brother.  Haven't you watched the show??

Brendan and Jeff throw the HoH competition and give Jordan the win.  Which leaves me to wonder, how was it again that she won her season?  

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