Monday, August 1, 2011

Media Monday - 'Big Brother' Week 4

Welcome to what used to be called, 'Netflix Movie Monday'.  This is where I review a movie / tv show / documentary that I have discovered, found interesting, and want to share.  As Big Brother is my annual summer time obsession, and it's on three times a week, Media Monday will be dedicated to BB recaps while the show airs.  

Sunday, July 24 - Luxury Competition, Nomination Ceremony
Instead of the Have/Have Not Food Competition, this week the house guests competed for the chance to win a luxury prize.  In this case, they had to guess the name of a mystery celebrity.  Jordan, through some wild mental computings that made sense only to herself, immediately correctly guessed 'David Hasselhoff'.  The Hoff himself appeared in the house (wearing a 'Don't Hassle the Hoff' shirt, I might add), and whisked Jordan off up to the HoH room with three other house guests of her choice to watch a screening of the new CBS show, 'Same Name'.  Ahem.  Shameless plug.  Is it just me, or does the Hoff act like he was hitting the old alky-hol quite heavily before he entered the house?
Jordan chooses (of course) Jeff, and then picks Shelly and Kalia as well.  This incenses Rachel, who expected to be picked.  Jordan later explains to the camera that she didn't want to have to listen to Brendan and Rachel play kissey face throughout the entire showing.  I don't blame her.  
Rachel and Brendan spiral out of control for a little while, and we all get an inside look at what their marriage will be in a few years.  Scary.  Rachel toys with the idea of putting up Jeff and Jordan on the block, but ends up playing it safe by nominating Dominic and Adam.  Dom, sorry buddy, but you're just too big of a threat!  The power couples only want weak players in the game.  

Wednesday, July 27 - Veto Competition and Ceremony
After being reassured by Brendan and Rachel that he's not the target this week, Dominic throws the veto competition.  Bad move, dude.  Bad move.  Brendan wins the competition, which, by the way, is a spelling competition just like the one last year when Jeff spelled, 'technotronics'.  It makes me wonder ... are these competitions rigged?  Do the producers pick competitions that play to certain house guests' strengths in an effort to manipulate the game?  'Big Brother', I am losing faith in you.  
Danielle goes on a mission to try to get Rachel to backdoor Jeff and Jordan, but overplays her hand and reveals herself to be playing both sides of the house.  I think she got too desperate.  I would have expected more subtle game play from you, Dani.  
At the Veto Ceremony, Brendan chooses not to use the power of veto, Rachel's nominations stay the same, and that's that. 

Thursday, July 28 - Live Eviction Ceremony, Head of Household Competition
In a Big Brother first, Jeff and Brendan call a house meeting to 'call out' those who have been playing both sides.  They reduce Kalia to tears, poor thing, but she sticks to her lie that she wasn't targeting Jeff.  In all the ensuing DRAMA, however, they didn't once directly bring Danielle to task for being the master mind of it all.  Jeff keeps saying, "A certain person".  Um, she's sitting right there looking daggers at you, Jeff.  Why don't you say her name?  Probably because Dani wouldn't put up with Jeff and Brendan's bullying behavior, like some of the other house guests did.  
At the live ceremony, everyone except Danielle vote to evict Dominic.  And Danielle's next if one of the veterans win HoH.
The Head of Household competition is an endurance challenge, BB's ploy to get people to subscribe to the live online feeds where they can 'watch the house guests' every move'.  I was wondering when they'd throw that type of competition in.  
So, at the end of the night we're left hanging (or, in the house guests' case, 'skiing') as to who will win HoH, along with the power to nominate two house guests for eviction.  

One last comment.  I'm really kind of over this season's BB.  It seems stacked to me, not a really fair competition, because Jeff and Jordan, and Rachel and Brendan are basically playing as one.  Each pair doesn't really care which in couple wins the final prize, as long as one of them makes it to the end.  Talk about an unfair advantage.  Also, the veterans have picked off all my favorite players, and we're left watching the four love birds play lords and ladies to their obedient serfs (aka, the newbies).  I'm going to watch the season to its end, but am pretty let down by how it's playing out.  

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