Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Media Monday (or close enough) - 'Big Brother' weeks 5 - 6

Welcome to what used to be called, 'Netflix Movie Monday'.  This is where I review a movie / tv show / documentary that I have discovered, found interesting, and want to share.  As Big Brother is my annual summer time obsession, and it's on three times a week, Media Monday will be dedicated to BB recaps while the show airs.

So.  Indulge me in a little rant.  Some of you might be wondering why I didn't blog last week about Big Brother, and why I'm a day late on this week's post.  Simply put, it is a matter of apathy.  Disappointment.  A virtual throwing up of my hands into the air in an, 'I quit!'.  Why this sudden change of heart, you might ask? Why the frustration with your self-proclaimed 'summer time obsession'???

All these questions can be answered in one word:  Brenchel.

Allow me to explain.

Two weeks ago, Dani won HoH.  (Yay!)  She went on a mission to evict Brendan.  The houseguests fell into line and voted him out.  Finally.

Rachel subsequently went into self-destruct mode.  The veterans lost the HoH challenge to Kalia, Dani's new sidekick.  Kalia nominated Rachel to go up on the block.  All well and good.

And then it was announced that a special twist was coming after the next eviction, during which the evicted houseguest would get a chance to get back in the game.  This caused Kalia to second guess herself.

In the dumbest move in Big Brother history, Lawon volunteered to be put on the block and asked to be evicted.  He was sure he'd be put back in the game with special powers.

The houseguests unanimously voted Lawon out, keeping Rachel in the game.  Lawon competed against America's Choice (Brendan), lost (of course), and just like that, Brendan's back in the game.

So here we are, two weeks later, come full circle with Brenchel securely intact.  This is reason #1 that I am fed up with the game.  Reason #2 is that I am very skeptical that America voted to put Brendan back in the game, over Dominic, Cassie and Keith.  This 'reality' TV show is seeming more and more scripted as the season progresses, causing me to become disillusioned and loose interest.

And lest you call me paranoid, here was the discussion following the picture of Rachel embracing Brendan when he got back in the game:

The only person I really like, who is left in the game, is Shelley.  And guess what.  She's on the block this week.

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