Monday, August 22, 2011

Media Monday - 'Big Brother' Week 7

Welcome to what used to be called, 'Netflix Movie Monday'.  This is where I review a movie / tv show / documentary that I have discovered, found interesting, and want to share.  As Big Brother is my annual summer time obsession, and it's on three times a week, Media Monday will be dedicated to BB recaps while the show airs.

The longer this season airs, the more I am convinced that the show is being manipulated by the producers.  They chose the competitions, and tailor them to the contestants that they want to win (more on that later).  And you still can't convince me that Brendan got 1,000,000 votes to return to the house.  Please.

Sunday, August 14 - Head of Household Competition and Nomination Ceremony

Everybody is quickly reshuffling their alliances, with Adam and Shelley bouncing back to the Jeff/Jordan, Brendan/Rachel camp.  Kalia, Porsche and Danielle appear to be on the losing side ... until Dani wins the HoH competition, against all odds.  She puts Shelley and Adam up on the block, both as pawns.  Her real target (according to her), is Brendan.  She doesn't want him to have a chance to compete for the veto, so she's hoping to back door him.  A risky move, in my opinion, but probably the best one for her right now.  I'm starting to have respect for her game.

Wednesday, August   17 - Veto Competition and Ceremony

Again, against all odds, Brendan and Rachel are the only ones who don't get picked to play in the Veto competition!  They sit on the sidelines and put through the entire competition, including some snarky remarks when Kalia wins a tropical vacation, and Jeff wins some more cash.  Jordan wins a phone call from home, but gives it to Shelley so she can hear her husband and daughter's voices.  Really, Jordan is about the sweetest thing ever.  In return, she gets to wear the 'humilitard' for an entire week.  It's actually pretty darn cute, with a pink tutu and pinwheel hat.

Jeff, Danielle and Adam are the last three men standing at the Veto competition.  Jeff and Dani throw the final two rounds so that Adam can win, thereby taking himself off the block and keeping their hands clean.  Very smart move.

At the Veto Ceremony, Dani nominates (surprise, surprise), Brendan to replace Adam.  She calls him a 'zombie', who keeps coming back.  Hopefully he'll stay gone this time!

Thursday, August 18 - Live Eviction Ceremony and Head of Household Competition

Despite all their scrambling, and Rachel's pouts, Brendan gets evicted, with Rachel the only one voting to keep him.  Brendan and Rachel get mad at Jeff and Jordan for not voting for Brendan.  Jeff explains very logically that even if they did vote for him, he'd still not have the numbers.  So why should Jeff and Jordan alienate themselves for a lost cause?  Makes sense.  But doesn't placate Brenchal.

Brendan leaves the house (hopefully for good), and becomes the first member of the jury.  He's getting the master bedroom of the jury house ready for Rachel to move in next week (let's keep our fingers crossed!).

The HoH competition looks mighty familiar ... would it be the same one that Jeff happened to win two years ago?  Why, yes, it is.  If I were a newbie houseguest, I would not be happy with the producers' choice of competitions.  We're left in suspense as to who wins HoH.


  1. I watched this show for the first time a week ago Sunday. I really don't get the point of it!

  2. You have to start watching at the beginning of the summer, in order to get into it. By now, all the dynamics are in place, and it would be hard to explain all the drama! You're really not missing much this season, though. It's been disappointing.