Sunday, August 14, 2011

Model Missionary Kid

About twice a year or so, all of the missionaries in our group would congregate in Honiara, the main city, to do training.  These group conferences were much anticipated by us kids, because they were one of the few times when we all got to be together.  The group would import some volunteers from overseas to put on a children's program for us, to keep us busy and out of our parents' hair while they sat in classes.

One time, the volunteers brought a curriculum that included a play we kids would practice all week, then perform for all the adults at the end of the conference.  I remember sitting with the other SITAG kids on the concrete floor of the pavilion we were using, as the play was presented.  

I stared in disbelief at the script as it was passed around.  Across the top read the title, "A Modern Missionary Kid."  

"Ok, kids!"  chirped the volunteer, "Here is how the song goes:  I am the very model of the modern missionary kid.  I do everything my parent missionaries did..."  

Revolt started deep inside me.  I glanced around at my SITAG compatriots, and except for a few yes-men, they all had mutinous frowns blooming across their faces.  Nothing stirs rebellion in a child like forced sanctimoniousness.  

None of us had the guts to rebel outright, but there was much muttering in the ranks that week, and many sweet smiles that hid some pretty sullen hearts.  We were all jealous of my friend Diane, who got cast as the devil in the play.  With her sunglasses and sparkly cape, she was the coolest and, let's face it, most interesting thing about the whole experience.  

Notice the "Model Missionary Kid's" delighted smile as she is confronted by the sneaky snake.

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