Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Friends - Honiara, Solomon Islands

We all have different experiences when we live in a different country.  On Fridays, I share the experiences, memories and pictures from others living across cultures.

Do you want to contribute?  Email me a picture accompanied by a short description / story / poem / whatever inspires you! I'll put it up!

Woodford International School
Honiara, Solomon Islands
Tina (American)

I am the small, curly-haired blond hiding in the left center of the photo (4th in from the left).

My memories from this time frame include walking to and from school with  my dad as chaperon (it was not safe for a little white girl to walk two miles unaccompanied).  The older boys who "lieu"-ed every where would harass and cat-call etc.  And I always hated being called "misses" so it was just better for Dad to walk with me.  We would chat about different stuff and I think he enjoyed the chance to get out and walk each day.  

We played jump rope and "elastics" (aka Chinese jump rope) at recess.  I was excellent at "dutch doubles" on the jump ropes and could run in and out of the swinging ropes without missing.  Even though I was tiny I did very well at elastics because I was quite flexible and learned to kick high with my legs and grab the elastics with my toes to keep from missing.  At home I would practice alone by hooking the elastic over two dining room chairs.  We had many jump rope poems/rhymes we would chant, some I remember all the words to even now.

Thanks for sharing your memories, Tina!  I, also, abhorred being called, "misses", and spent hours practicing my Chinese jump rope skills with the help of dining room chairs.  If YOU have a submission, send it my way and you could see it here soon!


  1. hey! just found ur blog! :) really enjoyed looking at the different posts! I too am an MK... soon transitioning into "normal" American life.... wondering if I'll survive!!

  2. Hi Sarah! Where are you living now? Good luck on the transition, it can be pretty rocky - it helped me to look at the US as just another culture to get to know, not some place I was 'supposed' to already know about! Thanks for the comment :)

  3. Thanks for coming by my blog. I have to pass your on to my own TCK's.