Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Keeping On Top of it All

I am all alone.  The pool beckons, crystal clear and bright in the sunlight.  I slip gratefully down the stairs in the shallow end.  One step.  Two steps.  Three.  Four.  Now it's up to my waist, warm as silk.  I move towards the deep end, going slowly down the incline.  

Now the water is a little cloudy around me.  I go deeper.  The cloudiness thickens into fog.  "Maybe if I dive down, I can find the clear water," I think.  I dive.  I can't see beyond my outstretched fingertips.  Suddenly the bottom of the pool is before me, and I'm boxed in by the milky thickness.  

Try as I might, I just ... can't ... find .. the clarity.  

Do you think that, perhaps, that dream was precipitated by this?

... or this?

Those are dirty dishes.  And clean laundry.  Sometimes, I am overwhelmed by the encroaching piles, the constantly threatening disorder of my life.  No matter how on top of things I am, there is ALWAYS something that sneaks up and bites me because I wasn't paying attention to it.

It is a constant, deep slide from clarity into fogginess.  And it will overwhelm me if I let it.  What's my survival method?  Get out of the 'pool'.  Get perspective.  Take a step back every day (several times a day), to feed my soul.  Just open my Bible, and let those healing words wash over me.


  1. Oh I hate dishes. LOL I hate the dishwasher, I hate leftover food in the sink. You can do it DANICA!!! I drank about five butterbeers just for you - let that be your motivation:)

  2. Butterbeer .... yum! So glad you had a good vaca!

  3. You seem to be on the right path. Your comment about the travel during a storm was amazing. Have you written about that? I would love to read it!

  4. @Rita, I wrote about it in the 'Epic Boat Trip' posts :)